13 Sweet Purple Bedroom Design Ideas

Purple is a sweet color that suits for those with romantic heart. Using purple as your bedroom theme is the best choice for this color brings out romantic and calming atmosphere. 13 sweet purple bedroom design ideas help you to bring some sweetness into your personal room.

Soft purple is perfect for a romantic bedroom. Complete the romantic atmopshere of the room with white canopied bed. Purple can also make your bedroom looked luxurious. Choose purple bedding with luxurious fabrics to get the theme into your space. Paint the wall with dark purple and install a chandelier in your bedroom. It will be enough to give expensive look into your personal area.

Different tones of purple can be chosen for your bedroom. Paint the walls in soft purple and give a small touch of darker purple to create an accent. Or else, install purple wallpaper with unique motif. It will become a nice purple touch to your bedroom. You can combine it with other color, such as pink on the wall and purple on the bedding and furniture.

Even though purple is the perfect color for romantic bedroom, you can still use it in your minimalist bedroom. Applied the color on the wall or the furniture and choose furniture with simple design and add a small crystal chandelier to bring the luxury effect.