15 Cool Blue Themed Bedroom Design Ideas

As one of the trending color for home decor in 2014, using blue in your bedroom can create a new calming effect that you need for resting. 15 cool blue themed bedroom design ideas present the use of different tone of blue for a bedroom.

Blue and white are the perfect combination for a bedroom. You can paint the wall in white and pick blue furniture. Or else, you can use blue curtain for a small touch in your bedroom. Even though blue is commonly referred as color for boys, it’s also suitable for girl’s room. Use soft blue on the wall. You can place lace valance to soften the color. Aqua blue can create bright and cheerful effect into the room.

You can find different choices of blue for your bedroom. Soft blue is perfect choice for girl’s bedroom or for those who want to create calming atmosphere in the bedroom. Bright blue is perfect for children bedroom or those with cheerful personality. While dark blue can create cool and strong atmosphere, which make it the best choice for adult bedroom with modern minimalist design.

You can combine blue with any color that you want; it doesn’t have to be white. Blue and green, though it may sound weird, surprisingly become a bright and cheerful combination. Too much dark blue in the bedroom may need a touch of bright orange to lighten up the room.