Renovation Of Portland Old Library Into A Charming Contemporary House

Renovation is a smart way to transform old thing into a new creative thing. In this post, a residence in Sellwoods, Portland has shown an ingenious renovation from an old public library into a charming contemporary house decoration.

Designed by Jessica Helgerson Interiors Design, this house is just a perfect settlement for a little family with an original old façade and amazing interior design inside. Have you been curious enough? Let’s take a look inside!

From the front yard, this house looks classic and simple. It has not been renovated in all sides, of course. But the most important is the addition applied in this house does not change its original façade to keep the charming sense of the previous public library. The additional room is placed amazingly under the real building, a basement. It’s smart isn’t it?

The interior design inside keep applying book shelves in the wall to remind its original building. But with color mixing in interior decoration, the application of deep colors which gleam and give excellent sensation in the new building nuance, this house becomes really astonishing. Black sofas and deep bold brown parquet steal focus in the living area and also the addition of lovely unique furniture in this spot has created specific theme.

While for bathroom and bedroom, the neutral colors take role. Playing simple and modern style, this house is undeniably charming and extraordinary.